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Bill Blau Real Estate Group “The Best Place to Buy or Sell a Gas Station!”


Bill Blau Real Estate Group (BBRE) is a Professional Commercial Real Estate Firm Specializing Exclusively in the Sale of Properties of Gas Stations, Repair Shops, C-Stores, and Car Washes throughout the New York Area. We have been Exclusively Focus on Gas Stations Commercial Real Estate for the past 15 years. We always have a large inventory of locations available. With over 75 years combined experience in the Gas Station field, we have the contacts and expertise to facilitate all your Gas Station needs. The brokers at BBRE are each seasoned professionals with knowledge and experience in the various aspects of the retail gasoline industry. So, if you are looking to buy or sell a gas station property, you have come to the right place. The brokers at BBRE will make your deal happen.


If you are interested in selling your property, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss several different opportunities that we may have for your property, even if it currently has tenants leasing the property with several years remaining on the lease. We have a network of gasoline distributors, and major oil companies that may be interested in acquiring or leasing your property.


Gas Stations can sometimes be found on listings through Residential Real Estate Agents, but are they familiar with the Gas Station Business? Do they understand the franchise lease and Environmental issues? Residential Real Estate Brokers sell houses…We sell Gas Stations!

Bill Blau Real Estate Group: “The Best Place to Buy or Sell a Gas Station…Quickly!”

Bill Blau:

He has over 20 years experience in the gasoline industry and has owned and operated multiple gas stations for several major oil companies and is an approved dealer for Amoco, Cumberland Farms, Exxon, Mobil, and Shell. When he formed this company Bill had a vision of what the industry needed, that vision was to provide firsthand knowledge and experience of the gasoline industry to the buyers and sellers of gas stations. That is what sets Bill Blau apart from other business brokers. Bill utilizes his experience, and the many contacts he has cultivated over the years, to form a national network of buyers and sellers.

Bill Mann:

Bill Mann has over 30 years experience in the gasoline and service station field. He worked for Shell Oil in all phases of the service station operations. He understands what is required of a dealer to be successful. During his time with Shell he managed company owned station, work in Shell’s real estate department, taught in the Shell dealer training school and worked in other retail marketing assignments.

Mike Moosbrugger:

Mike started his career in the c-store industry in 1997 as an Operations Consultant for 7-Eleven, the largest c-store chain in the world. He had some of the largest sales generating stores in the country in his territory while w/7-Eleven. Several of Mike’s stores exceeded $2M a year in sales. He later moved on to Cumberland Farms in 2001 where he was G.M. for dealer operations in NY for Exxon & Gulf branded stations. While working for Cumberland he spent most of his time evaluating real estate, ROI for construction upgrades and executing marketing strategies for better positioning of the Gulf and Exxon brand to improve profitability. His extensive background in high volume store and gas operations gives him a unique perspective on the industry.

Retired – Dick Staszak:

He worked for BP/Amoco Oil Company for 36 years before retiring in 2002. Dick held several positions with Amoco. He began his career as a Marketing Representative and then moved on to a TBA Manager. Dick's last assignment before retiring was as a Regional Account Executive with extensive experience working with retail dealers on day to day operations. Dick spent his entire career in New York Metropolitan area and has a broad range of knowledge in the gasoline industry and knows what it takes to be a successful retail dealer.

Retired – Michael Benzwie:

Mike Benzwie has over 30 years experience in the retail and the gasoline service station industries. As a Business & Asset Development Manager with Gulf Oil in the NY Metro region for many years he has a keen understanding of all facets of the c-store/gas station industry, including assessing real estate, pricing, merchandising, and dealer economics. He understands the dynamic nature of the industry and the varied issues facing gasoline marketers.